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Whiteley Brooks Major investment plans 2018/19

Whiteley Brooks Engineering have completed a major investment program over the past year, over 500k has been invested into plant and machinery. We annually have an investment program that we plan out, however this has been a major injection. New compressor has…

Whiteley Brooks Supports Coventry for City of Culture 2021

Whiteley Brooks Engineering is supporting Coventry to become UK City Of Culture in 2021. If this is successful it will bring great economic and cultural benefits to the city and the region. Hull is currently enjoying its year as UK City of…

Whiteley Brooks celebrates 50 years in 2015

2015 marks 50 years for Whiteley Brooks Engineering

Ken Whiteley and Stan Brooks became business partners in 1965 and Whiteley Brooks Engineering Ltd opened for business on April 2nd in a small unit in the village of Wolston on the outskirts of Coventry. They had both been employees of Coventry…

Whiteley Brooks Material Stocks

2014 Roundup

The start of 2014 was very busy for Whiteley Brooks with the usual rush for new parts for the start of the Formula 1 Racing Season. The area designated for the new Stores was cleared and new racking and storage bins purchased.…

Bridgeport 5 Axis Machine Probe

2013 Roundup

The 2008 recession now seemed to be lifting and the investments that had been made during the preceding years allowed Whiteley Brooks Engineering to take advantage of the upturn in orders. New teams were entering Formula 1 and required parts to get…

Whiteley Brooks 2015 Office

2012 Roundup

2012 saw the third factory unit purchased and building work started immediately to modernise the building an join it to the existing units. The lighting was replaced with modern low energy tubes, the floor was cleaned, DNC links were installed and compressed…

Working with the leading supplier of Unmanned Ground Vehicles 2010

2010 Roundup

Investing in Equipment To complement the existing 5 axis Mazak Machining Centre Whiteley Brooks have invested in a Nikken 5 axis attachment to one of the existing Hardinge CNC Machining Centres. The machine software has been upgraded to accommodate full 5 axis…

Whiteley Brooks at Autosport 2009

2009 Roundup

Whiteley Brooks experienced a successful 'Autosport 2009 Show' NEC, Birmingham Autosport Engineering in January is an important start to the year for any Company supplying the Motor Sport industry. Whiteley Brooks Engineering used the show this year to launch their new brochure…

2008 Roundup

Ongoing Investment 2008 has seen Whiteley Brooks Engineering continuing to invest in new machinery with the purchase of six new Hardinge CNC Machining Centres, a Mazak five axis Machining Centre and three new rotary axis. This is a huge investment and it will allow Whiteley Brooks to continue to satisfy their customer's demands for the…

2006/2007 Roundup

New Inspection Room The new temperature-controlled inspection room opened in June 2006. It houses additional CMM measuring equipment and a computer-linked microscope. The microscope can spot minute imperfections that would be invisible to the naked eye.

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