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Whiteley Brooks use of New Technologies

New Technologies

Whiteley Brooks have been embracing new technologies and have recently been working with several companies involved in Additive Layer Manufacturing. These companies approached us because of our proven track record in other areas and we were keen to get a foothold in what could be one of the fastest rising sectors of this century.

Either for the rapid manufacture of complex parts, the ability to create topology that could not be created by other methods or the production of patterns for investment castings; this is a technology for the future. Whiteley Brooks Engineering have been involved in the finish machining of parts created using this technology and the companies concerned were impressed with both our quality and delivery.

We have also recently improved our facility for machining Carbon. Whiteley Brooks Engineering has been machining Carbon Composites for over thirty years on conventional lathes and small CNC Milling Machines fitted with extraction devices.

In the last year we have moved towards moving all of the Carbon machining onto CNC machines and have developed the necessary extraction units to fit the more modern machinery. This will allow us to take on more complex shapes and surfaces in this material.

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