Sectors of Whiteley Brooks - Whiteley Brooks Engineering
Whiteley Brooks working with Diesel Testing

Sectors of Whiteley Brooks

Our customers come from many sectors of business including automotive, aerospace, motor sports and machine tool industries. They are linked by the need for high quality precision engineering delivered when required. We are particularly proud our work in supplying parts for Formula 1 motor racing.

We hope you will want to know more and look forward to understanding your company’s needs.

To see the sort of work we undertake here at Whiteley Brooks, and the machinery available check out the sectors. Alternatively get in contact with us to discuss your needs.

  • Whiteley Brooks works within the Motor Sport sector

    Motor Sport

    Whiteley Brooks Engineering’s traditional customer base for over thirty years, this sector is in a constant state of flux with new teams coming into the sport and new sponsors taking over existing teams.
  • Medical Equipment Prototyping and specials- Whiteley Brooks Engineering


    While the Medical Sector would not at first be looked upon as a bedfellow to motorsport there is a surprising amount of Transferable Technology that can benefit both sectors.
  • Automotive - Whiteley Brooks Engineering


    Supplying to the Automotive Industry is an extension of what Whiteley Brooks Engineering has been doing for over fifty years.
  • Whiteley Brooks works within the Defence Sector


    The Defence Sector is another area that Whiteley Brooks Engineering is currently supplying. Our Defence Customer is a world leader in the design and supply of un-manned vehicles for use in war zones and trouble spots.
  • Diesel Test - Whiteley Brooks Engineering Sectors

    Diesel Test

    Diesel Test is a very specific market area and Whiteley Brooks Engineering is proud to be associated with two of the world’s leading suppliers of this type of equipment.
  • New Technologies at Whiteley Brooks

    New Technologies

    Whiteley Brooks have been embracing new technologies and have recently been working with several companies involved in Additive Layer Manufacturing.