2014 Roundup - Whiteley Brooks Engineering

2014 Roundup

The start of 2014 was very busy for Whiteley Brooks with the usual rush for new parts for the start of the Formula 1 Racing Season. The area designated for the new Stores was cleared and new racking and storage bins purchased. The stock was gradually re-located over a period of time as production needed to be maintained during the move. Some extra training was undertaken as the responsibility for stock was being moved and the new position of Materials Handler was created. Work was also started on the modernisation and refurbishment of one of the front offices of the third unit. Whiteley Brooks Engineering had for some time been looking at the possibility of a bespoke meeting and training room and the opportunity was taken to utilise the spare office space available. In May 2014 Joe Reynolds retired as Director and Tom Patrick joined the company as Operations Administrator.

Whiteley Brooks Material Stocks
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